Scibetta Distributors is a Master Distributor for all SSAC products.  Located next  to the factory in Baldwinsville NY, we can ship any factory stock items the same day on orders placed before noon.  On their QuickShip products we can ship in 2 days.  Handling SSAC since 1980 we have expertise in product applications & part numbers.  Please contact us for discount pricing & delivery info on any SSAC requirements.

      SSAC Product Lines

Dedicated Timers
Multifunction Timers
HVAC Timers & Controls
Star-Delta Timers
ProgramaCube Timers
Flashers & Chasers
Voltage Monitors
Phase Loss Monitors
Motor Insulation Monitors
Current Sensors
Motor Load Monitors
Liquid Level Controls
Alternating Relays
Isolation Monitors
Solid State Relays
AC Phase Controls
Tower & Obstruction Lighting Controls

Request your free copy of the full  SSAC Controls catalog today  or  ask for  the InStock QuickShip  catalog with over 10 million  controls available in 2 days or less.

ISO 9000:2000 Registered

10 Year Product Warranty

We maintain a large inventory of the following SSAC parts:

FS126-RC             RS4A11
TDM120AL           RS4A33
TDML120AL         TRU1
TDS120AL            TRU2
TDSL120AL          TRU3
TDB120AL            TDI120AL
TDBL120AL          TDIL120AL
TDR4A11             TRDU120A1
TDR4A33             TRDU120A2
ARP41                 TRDU120A3

No Minimum Order